Temperature Controlled Freight

Tumalo Creek has specialized in climate-controlled freight from our very beginnings nearly 15 years ago, and we have built our business on understanding, streamlining, and implementing temperature-controlled supply chains. Our expertise extends from multi-temperature requirements, including bulkhead and venting capabilities, to multi-pick and multi-drop frozen, chilled, and fresh shipments. We also provide dependable fresh and frozen LTL solutions throughout the lower 48 states.

Whether your requirements are frozen, chilled, ambient or simply protect from freezing, we ensure product safety from shipper to receiver through predictable, stable temperature control, adherence to delivery timelines, and strict product/load security across your whole supply chain, from the moment your freight is picked up to the moment it is delivered.

Like all of the logistical services Tumalo Creek provides, our success with climate-controlled freight is based on our industry experience, our trusted carrier relationships, and the TCT team.

Frozen, chilled, PFF, ambient capabilities

Multi-temp loads with bulkhead/venting capability

Multi-location pick-up
and/or drop-off

Climate-controlled Less Than Truckload

I know Tumalo Creek puts the same importance on getting my freight delivered as I do. I’m confident when our product leaves our dock it will be monitored closely until it delivers, and if issues do come up I know they will keep me informed which isn’t something I can say of all transportation providers.
Fortune 100 Food Distribution Company

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